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The Story of
Smith & Noor

Smith & Noor is a collaboration of two industry specialists, interiors editor Carole Annett and interior designer Noor Charchafchi.

The two have been friends for many years and, whenever they meet, fabric informs their conversation. It was a natural step to embrace this shared love of pattern and texture with the creation of Smith & Noor, a beautiful collection of fabrics that come from the heart honouring Britain’s long and illustrious textile heritage.

The fabrics that Carole and Noor have sourced are crafted using age-old traditions, by skilled artisans who infuse passion and love into their work. Intrigued by both the weaving techniques and dyeing process, Carole and Noor are as passionate about the beginning as the end result.

‘Fabric forms the thread of life’, says Noor, 'creating both memories and mood - from baby’s swaddling clothes to wedding gowns, from what we wear every day to what we choose to sleep in at night, we are constantly interacting with and choosing textures which both mark a moment in time and make us feel good’.

Carole adds, 'The gift of fabric: a cushion, shawl or throw, shows love and consideration. Working with luxurious, high quality materials made in British mills is essential to our sustainable ethos of Smith & Noor'.